How to Remove Whatsapp Message Forwarding Limit “You can only share with up to 5 chats”

why whatsapp enable message forwarding limit?

To prevent the spread of misinformation by neutering its message forwarding function.
Users will now only be able to forward messages to 20 contacts at a time; people in India will be limited to forwarding messages to only five people at a time. In addition, the shortcut button for forwarding messages that appears next to images and video will be removed.

How to Remove Whatsapp Message Forwarding Limit?

Step 1. Uninstall the whatsapp app from your mobile.

Step 2. Download and Install the Whatsapp App Apk from the This Link.

Step 3. Again Login with your mobile number.

Step 4. Open play store, search WhatsApp messenger, click on top right three dots and uncheck “Enable auto update”.