How to Fix Xiaomi Mi A1 Slow fingerprint

First of all go to your Xiaomi Mi A2 setting. In which search for the fingerprint management, if you already added fingerprint then remove all existing fingerprints.

How to make Xiaomi Mi A1 fingerprint faster

Now come to the add fingerprint option and now select add fingerprint, If you want to add both hand Index finger then first add only upto 50 percent of your right hand index finger from every angle, after 50 percent add your left hand index finger until it reached 100 percent.

As you may know, adding more fingers will make unlocking your device a bit “slow” unlocking.
What i did is i removed the four i had (2 each finger) and added only one and gave 50%r right hand finger and  50% left hand finger of each.
And now it’s much quicker!

And Now your Xiaomi Mi A1 Slow fingerprint is quicker.