How To Fix Swollen/Bulged Battery Of Mobile, Laptop And Powerbank

Why Battery Bulge?

Bulging batteries mean only one thing the buildup of gas inside. The gases are produced due to electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte. Such oxidation occurs usually due to overcharging of the battery due to a faulty battery, or faulty charging electronics in the phone or battery charger.
 The reason for bulging however is the build-up of gas inside the battery which somehow couldn’t get out of the cell. This might be a result of overcharging the cell
Bulged Mobile Battery

Puncturing The Lithium-Ion/Polymer Batteries May Cause Fire/Explosion Or May Spread Toxic Fumes, So Try With Your Own Risk.



How To Fix Swollen/Bulged Lithium-Ion/Polymer Mobile and PowerBank battery:

Step 1. Remove your battery from a mobile phone or powerbank.
Step 2. Take As fine As possible Needle Or Pin. Step 3. Puncture the very first layer of your battery with the help of Needle/Pin after the Battery skin or cover.

Step 4. Keep battery a little bit away from yourself and press battery a little bit hard for removing its internal gas.
Step 5. Close the punctured hole with sticky tape because Lithium Reacts With Atmosphere, and connect the battery to Mobile/Laptop. 

How To Fix Swollen/Bulged Lithium-Ion/Polymer Laptop Battery:

  • Power off your laptop.
  • Remove the laptop battery and use the above methods or watch the below video.

Tips to Avoid a Swollen Battery
  • Sometimes a battery just fails and there’s nothing you can do to prevent swelling, but here are some best practices to help not only prevent a swollen battery, but to maximize its normal life as well.
  • Always use the appropriate power charger. Don’t buy cheap third-party knock-off chargers, and don’t use chargers that aren’t rated for the power of your device, even if the charging plugs are interchangeable.
  • Don’t leave your device plugged in all the time. This is particularly an issue for laptop users who primarily use their laptop at home. The device sits plugged in to the wall all the time, and the battery isn’t given the opportunity to exercise its capacity. For Mac users, the free tool coconutBattery can help remind you when it’s time to unplug your power cord and let the battery complete a discharge and recharge cycle. Windows users can check out a number of options that offer similar functionality.
  • Keep your device (or battery) stored in a cool, dry environment. Occasional use in the sun is fine, but don’t store your laptop or smartphone in a hot car, or humid environment.
  • Replace your battery if it becomes exhausted or damaged. Batteries are consumable products; they’re meant to slowly degrade in performance over time. So if your battery is no longer holding a charge, or if it becomes damaged due to a drop or impact, make sure to replace it.

Conclusion: Thus we know How To Fix Swollen/Bulged Battery Of Mobile, Laptop And Powerbank.