You are not the only person who is bothered by Samsung’s mobile phone low earpiece speaker volume issue. Most of the Samsung mobile phones are water and dust resistance, because of that dirt or dust particles couldn’t find their way to go inside your mobile phone via earpiece speaker. Since earpiece speaker grill is made up of very tiny holes, it gets chocked over time.


I tried many methods to fix my Samsung Galaxy S8 low earpiece volume, but only one method worked for me and I am sharing with you.


Take a very thin needle or pin and prick it very gently to your mobile phone’s front earpiece speaker holes, prick it over as many holes as you can.

Caution:  Pricking very deep in the speaker might damage your speaker’s sound.

samsung mobile low call volume fix

once you pricked as many holes as you can, blow the dust.

samsung mobile low call volume fix

This method is effective for most of Samsung’s S, Note, A, J and M series smartphones.