How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Auto Typing or Keys Not Working Issue?

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Auto Typing or Keys Not Working Issue?

Laptop keys auto typing is such a frustrating thing that can make your laptop unusable same applies to if some keys stopped working. However, there are still some ways to fix these or use without any annoyance.

Why is Your Laptop Keys Auto Working?

Stuck Keys: The most common reason behind the auto typing is a stuck key. There are several reasons behind Key Stuck. Jammed Dust, Membrane damage, Internal Structure & bad Keyboard designed by the manufacturer may cause keys sticking issues.

Moisture: A drop of water is sufficient to make this issue.

Battery and Power Related Issue: Static charge, Not compatible power input or battery related issue may also cause auto typing problems.

Connector Issue: Not connecting the keyboard connector properly to the logic board may cause an auto typing issue.

Why is Your Laptop Keys Not Working?

If your laptop keys are not working this may cause by hardware or software related problems.

Damaged Keyboard: Broken Key Plastic structure, Damaged Membrane, or Malfunctioning Keyboard Circuit may caused some keys to not work or all keys to not work at all issues.

Dust or Dirt: Particle of Dust or Dirt inside of key structure may cause not proper keystroke.

Using Non-Genuine: Keyboard: I often found out that using replaced nongenuine keyboard cause some keys, not working problem, just after using a few days.

Connection Issue: Improper Connection of keyboard to the logic board, damaged keyboard cable, and damaged connector port may cause this problem.

Logic Board Issue: Logic board fault may cause your keyboard to not work despite having a proper working keyboard.

Some Keys Not Working: Not having proper display brightness driver, graphic driver, sound driver, or Wireless driver installed caused not functioning of action keys.

All Keys are Not Working: Not having a Keyboard driver installed properly may cause the whole keyboard to not work at all despite having a fully functional keyboard.

How to Check Which Keys are Auto Pressing or Not Registering Keystrokes?

Click anywhere in the below keyboard box, if any keys turning green by itself which means that key have auto pressing issue and if the key is not blinking at all after typing, that means keys have an issue with registering keystrokes.

How to Fix Auto Keys Typing issue?

Stuck Key:

If your laptop key has stuck inside, the very first thing you have to do is pull it back to normal position this will most likely fix the issue. You can do this by using a flat thin blade.

Static Charge:

Static electric charge between the layers of your keyboard may cause auto functioning of some keys.

This can be fixed by unplugging the battery and power adapter from your laptop After that, you have to press and hold the power key for 15 seconds doing this will drain static charge from the laptop.

Not Suitable Power Supply:

Unsuitable rating power supply can make your laptop to act crazy. so avoid using unsuitable power adapter.

Moisture & Dust:

Clean your laptop keyboard’s mechanical assembly with compressed air and rubbing alcohol by removing keycaps.

How to Fix Keys Not Working Issue?

The reason behind your keyboard’s keys not working could be both hardware or software related issues.

Power Reset:

Power off your laptop, remove the battery and power adapter, press and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Reconnect the battery and Power on your laptop. This method would work if your laptop has glitch and static charges related issues.


Underneath the keycaps, there are hub of Dirt/Dust in an old laptop, that impact the function of the keyboard. To fix this remove keycap with a thin blade, spray the compressed air then wipe the inner surface with rubbing alcohol.

Action Key Not Working:

if your laptop entire keyboard keyboard excluding Function or Action keys works then most probably this issue is related to driver.

To fix this just install proper drivers for Display, Sound, Wireless etc.

Update existing drivers with latest one.

Any Key Not Working:

Go to setting update keyboard driver and restart your laptop, if this doesn’t work reinstall keyboard driver and restart the laptop.