How to Adjust Brightness in Windows PC (Without Using Monitor’s Buttons)

As we all know Windows 10 PC version doesn’t come with a brightness control option, but nowadays it is one of the most essential features every PC user needs. PC brightness can be control through the physical monitor buttons but this is no a very practical option because of that accessing to that is just not easy, since monitor control buttons are placed on the backside.

However, there is an option called Win10_BrightnessSlider by using this lite weight ( 356KB) Application anyone can easily adjust PC brightness from the taskbar.

How To Add Brightness Adjustment Shortcut in Taskbar

  • First of all Download Win10_BrightnessSlider Application.
  • Open Win10_BrightnessSlider.exe by double-clicking on it.
  • Once you open the Application, go to the taskbar, click on Show hidden icons and drag down the Brightness Slider Shortcut to the taskbar.
  • Right Click on the Brightness Slider Icon and select Run At Startup.
  • Now you can Adjust Brightness by clicking on the Brightness Slider Icon and Adjust Brightness by sliding it. Since I am using Two Monitor that’s why it is showing two sliders.
  • By clicking Brightness Slider Shortcut you can adjust your PC Brightness anytime easily.